Imply® signs contract with Maracana and leads the Access Control Market for World Cup

With eyes focused to market opportunities in 2006 Imply Technology accepted the challenge of developing for Gremio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense a System for Access Control and Ticketing to prevent evasion of revenue and offer more comfort to fans who attended the Olympic Stadium. Through its highly skilled team has developed an effective and customized solution to meet the needs of the club. The Imply® Access Management and Ticketing System was deployed at the Olympic Stadium in July 2007, being a pioneer in ticket sales over the Internet in Brazil. Thus, the results of Gremio increased. The number of unsuccessful attempts to access with invalid tickets were reduced from an average of 1,500 to 5 attempts per game while speeding access of spectators to the games.
For over ten years in the market, Imply® became leader in Access Systems to the World Cup in the current Brazilian market. Overcoming competition from other companies worldwide, Imply® has been providing innovative solutions strictly within the FIFA standards for Brazilian stadiums. Among the 12 stadiums that will host the championship six rely on the Imply® Access System and one features the Full Color panels technology.
The latest achievement of the company is hiring SIGA – Imply® Access Management System to act in the famous Maracana Stadium, located in Rio de Janeiro. Built for the FIFA World Cup in 1950 and known worldwide, the stadium is completely redesigned for the 2014 World Cup, and now has the capacity for more than 73,500 spectators. Renowned as the largest stadium in Brazil, Maracana will host the largest number of matches of the World Cup, seven games in total – four of them in the first phase, which will feature three world champions: Spain, France and Argentina, and also the Maracana will receive the big decision on 13 July.
Altogether, SIGA will manage accesses to the 163 turnstiles that will be used by fans. The system features 6 different types of readers: RFID (Contactless Smartcard), 1D barcode, 2D barcode, QR code, biometrics and NFC (Near Field Communication) – to validate the access via smartphones. In addition, the stadium will have 143 POS and 143 ticket printers with Imply® technology.
In the 2014 World Cup, Imply® is already present in the stadiums:
1) Arena Castelao (Fortaleza): Capacity: 63.903 people. This is the first completed arena for the World Cup 2014. The stadium has 2 Imply® Full Color Panels with the grandiose dimensions of 12.8 meters wide and 8 meters high. The panels were installed to 40 meters tall, and weigh 4.5 tons each, with a structure of 5 tons. Were validated and operated last year during the Confederations Cup in 3 games, including game of Brazil and Mexico, and will host 6 games in the 2014 World Cup.
2) Arena Pernambuco (Recife): Capacity: 46.000 people. Inaugurated on May 20, received the Confederations Cup, and will host five games of the 2014 World Cup. In Pernambuco Arena, the Imply® Access Management offers access control in 98 turnstiles and Ticketing System, with 23 POS for the sale of tickets.
3) Arena das Dunas (Natal): Capacity: 43.000 people. A show in infrastructure, with different design in Dune format. In it, Imply® ensures the latest technology of the Access Control System in 75 turnstiles (including 3 turnstiles for people with special needs), 118 building doors, 20 handhelds, plus 10 parking gates equipped with CCTV cameras. In addition, the box office has 18 Imply® POS for ticket sales.
4) Arena Fonte Nova (Salvador): Capacity: 52.084 people. Used since its inauguration, an imported Access System. But in November 2013 deployed Imply® System and began operating with 100% brazilian technology. The whole system is composed of 128 turnstiles and ticketing system, plus 26 POS with Imply® Technology for ticket sales.
5) Arena da Baixada – CAP (Curitiba): Capacity: 41.000 people. Will include Imply® management in 95 turnstiles, Building Control (access management to administrative rooms) in 57 doors, and the iParking car park management system in 8 gates.
6) Arena da Amazonia (Manaus): Capacity: 45.000 people. Imply® Management will be present in 66 turnstiles for access of persons and iParking Management System in 6 gates for vehicle access.
7) Arena Maracana (Rio de Janeiro): Capacity: 96.000 people. Imply® will offer all access and ticketing management system, with 163 turnstiles and 143 POS.
“Imply ® is today the only Latin American company that has developed an Access Management System within the strict international standards of FIFA. The whole Imply® System with brazilian technology was validated and operated during the Confederations Cup in June last year, at the Arena Pernambuco. To sign these contracts, Imply® competed with major international companies. Our success cases, as the solution developed for Gremio, won the customers, taking our projects to a new level. We celebrate these contracts which for us is a matter of great happiness and fulfillment.”Tironi Paz Ortiz, CEO Imply®.
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