Safe Stadium Project is success in Chile

Safe Stadium Project is success in Chile
Known as one of the countries with the greatest violence in stadiums, the Government of Chile has implemented since November 2012, an innovative Access Control System. Developed by Imply®, the technology aims to pacify the sporting events and recover the stadiums as a space for families.
Already in the first month of implementation, the system allowed the Government of Chile to identify and block access of 1,003 fans recognized for misbehavior, which were suspended from attending games. In less than 6 months the efficiency of the project is yet visible: the events that were violent now ensure peace and security of Chilean families who can access the stadiums with agility, enjoying the festivity and the joy of football.
Imply® System has been used in various stages in events such as the Libertadores Coup, qualifying games for the World Cup Brazil 2014 and National Tournaments of the first and second divisions. At each stadium, the Control Centers enable to manage the access in real time, minute by minute, with statistical reports to analyze flow and behavior of visitors, among other strategic actions.
With the latest technology, the Imply® System counts with fingerprint readers for biometric identification in 95 electronic turnstiles that compose the system, and readers to check the RUT (Chilean identity) of each fan. The modern Imply® software allows to validate the entry with the fingerprints, the RUT and ticket authentication for each fan. The system structure is itinerant and is composed of 29 mobile containers, being 27 turnstiles access containers, and 2 containers with Control and Management Monitoring Centers. Moreover, each container has servers and power generators themselves, enabling to transport the Imply® technology for any stadium, according to the demand of events.
According to Cristian Barra, head of the Safe Stadium Project, the Imply® System allows to control the identity of public and the accurate access to stadiums, to offer greater security to the true football fans. “We want to eliminate the criminals and bring families back to the stadiums. We congratulate Imply®, who developed this mobile system with creative ideas in short term, providing exactly what we were looking for the Stadiums in Chile”
Tironi Paz Ortiz, CEO of Imply®, emphasizes the importance of such projects for the company: “To Imply® it is a very important and innovative project. It may serve as a reference for other countries that also suffer from violence in stadiums.”