Tickets & Access - Full Platform
We offer a powerful omni-channel platform with everything you need to sell tickets, control access of people and vehicles, and manage the success of your operations. Your complete and intelligent solution to boost your results!




Omni-Channel Sales

Leverage your sales with multiple integrated sales channels:

  • E-Commerce: Your exclusive portal with a quick and intuitive interface! Sell ​​tickets with few clicks, 24 hours a day, anywhere, with responsive E-Commerce for various platforms (Smartphone, Tablet and Computer). We add the sales channel within your own existing website, so you sell without redirects.
  • Self-Service Terminals: Can be made available in places with high flow of people, for services and payments. Super fast transactions keep your queues moving.
  • POS terminals.
  • The portal and equipment can be customized according to your identity, applying your colors and your logo.

Direct access, no bureaucracy

With our validation system, access is easy and practical. With a smartphone or tablet, for example, users can present the QR Code received by the online purchase to validate their access.


Ticketing and Stock Management

  • Automatic issue and control of different types of tickets and lots
  • Flexibility in controlling prices
  • Seat map with seat availability updated in real time
  • Real-time occupancy management prevents overbooking or overselling
  • Sales of combos with products, services and optionals
  • Season Tickets Packages
  • VIP & Courtesy Tickets 

Custom media for access

Access media is customizable with your visual identity:

  • Wallet on Tablets and Smartphones (e-ticket)
  • Tickets printed at home
  • RFID smartcards
  • Thermal Paper
  • Bracelets
  • Lots of pre-printed tickets

Easy to use and we're here to help.

Our goal is to design innovative solutions to optimize your operations and increase your access & ticketing performance. With our solution, you will have a professional team that works with you, at every step. We offer training, consulting and we are on hand to assist with more complex queries as needed.


What solution can we create for you? We tailor the solution to your needs!

Our modular solutions can be customized according to your project. Through our experienced consulting, we add quality and dedicate ourselves to maximize the results of each client. With creative ideas, reliable technologies, and business models that fit your needs, we are your partners to develop a project especially for you. Contact us.


Success Cases:


"The opportunity we had to work with IMPLY® was very positive. Their staff is very polite, dedicated and is always available to collaborate in a secure, stable and easy solution. Today our ticketing system, besides being customized according with our needs, is very consistent and agile, which helped us a lot in serving the public, reducing the waiting time in queues and increasing the satisfation of visitors at the Museum of Tomorrow. Thanks to this successful experience and the excellent framework of its proposal to the market, we implement together the online tickets sales system." Mr. Eric Ribeiro - IT Manager of the Museum of Tomorrow


"The speed, ease of payment and efficiency guaranteed a great sale service for the event. In addition, the kiosks for purchase at different points of the city certainly been a major sales advantage.” Mr. Enzo Arns - Event Director at the Gramado Film Festival


"Evolving our technological platform that makes the sale of tickets, access control and contract management, with the company Imply®, allowing the integration with the platform of the International Sport Club and, thus, facilitating the purchase of tickets." Mr. Paulo Pinheiro, CEO of Holding Beira-Rio S/A


“With the Imply® System, we have the possibility of using different readers: RFID, 1d Barcode, 2d Barcode, and biometrics. In regards to ticket reading, it also offers an advantage that facilitates control of incorrect gate, game, and the like. The messages displayed were tailored to our System, so that the Imply's Solution offers more information on the readers. This is a difference that made me very satisfied, now, with the first contact with the system. Another major factor, which had a great weight on my decision, was the synergy with the other arenas that are already equipped with the Imply® System.”Mr. Flavio Simoes, responsible for IT systems at Arena Maracana

"I emphasize the availability, the willingness to work together and create solutions. This is important and offers us more comfort. Imply® is a very open partner to understand the difficulties of everyday life, and gives us the support we need, bringing innovation, new experiences and creating new solutions. I am very pleased, and I hope to continue working together in the future." Mr. Mauro Araújo, President of the Grêmio Arena


"The main factor to highlight about Imply® is always being ready for any challenge. We have been working with Imply® since 2012 at the Fonte Nova Arena, the Dunas Arena and the Grêmio Arena. For all the demands and changes that arise, we always have Imply® as a partner, regardless of the scenario." Mr. Paulo Rossi, Director of Operations of the Grêmio Arena


"Imply® is a partner we can always count on. Imply® is a large company that always meets our technical requirements and works with us in a transparent way." Mr. Jair Holler, IT Manager of the Grêmio Arena

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