Imply® modernizes the 29th Oktoberfest

Imply® modernizes the 29th Oktoberfest
During days 2-13 of October, Santa Cruz do Sul celebrated german traditions in the 29th Oktoberfest. In addition to the various artistic attractions and cultures that were part of the celebration, the event featured another strong point: the Imply® technology. The partnership between Imply® and Oktoberfest has lasted four years and has modernized the services that are offered to the public, such as disclosure of information, access to the park and the parking lot.
The Imply® Access Management System and Ticketing for events provided agility and practicality at the time of accessing the park for 400,000 people. In the parking lot, the i-Parking – Imply® Access Management System for Parking – modernized the service, which made the flow of vehicles more quick and safe.
The 29th Oktoberfest also featured Imply® technology for the dissemination of dynamic information to the public with a modern Imply® FullColor Panel, Imply® Electronic Displays, Electronic Message Panel – PEM, and Intelligent Kiosk.
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