Gremio opens the first Arena in Brazil with Imply® Technology

Gremio opens the first Arena in Brazil with Imply® Technology

December 8th made history with the inauguration of Brazil’s first Arena: the Arena Gremio. From the lawn to the roof, all the modern complex is superior to FIFA official standards, placing it among the most modern stadiums in the world.

With 60.1 thousand crowded places, the opening ceremony was celebrated with concerts, theatrical performances and highlighted by the friendly match of Gremio against Hamburg reliving the World Cup final of 1983.

Between the lights, fireworks, choreographies, goals and celebration, the access system of the new Arena Grêmio also enhanced the venture. The modern and efficient SIGA – Imply® Access Management System – which was already a complete success in the old Olympic Stadium since 2007, is back to strengthen the relationship with the fans.

The partnership with Imply® provides to Gremio Arena the latest technology to ensure complete safety. With SIGA, the access to the stadium, administrative rooms and parking lots of Arena is controlled through modern smartcards for both partners, employees and visitors of the complex. The turnstiles of Gremio Arena feature QR code and NFC technologies. Additionally, SIGA offers to fans the convenience of purchasing their tickets online. Tironi Paz Ortiz, Imply® CEO highlights: “The entire system was developed strictly within the FIFA standards.”

Altogether, the Imply® system manages the access control in 104 turnstiles, 279 building doors and 19 parking gates. Additionally, the box offices count with 30 Imply® Points of Sale for ticket sales. With the most reliable technologies and quality service, the whole system is integrated into one single management platform.

When compared to the system offered on Olympic Stadium, Fabiano Horn, Imply® CKO points the differentials. “The new Access System in Arena Gremio offers turnstiles with up to four different types of readers: 1D, 2D, Smartcard and Biometric. All in simultaneous use, integrated into one single platform.” In addition to facilitating access to fans, the system developed by Imply® nurtures the club with the creation of a database of fans, allowing the development of relationship and loyalty actions. With these tools, the results of the club are increasing.

According to the President of Gremio Ventures, Mr. Eduardo Antonini: “Imply® participated in a selection with very strong competitors from around the world. We chose Imply® because it met all the factors we have prioritized for the Arena. We have been Imply® partners in many years, precisely because their products and services always meet our expectations. We are prioritizing the best in the world for the Arena, from the lawn to the roof. If Imply® has been chosen is because we think it is the top supplier of world.”

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